Sugai Solutions to Stress & Value Determination Process

April 08, 2014

In this video, I share how The Demartini Value Determination Process (visit Dr. Demartini’s official page here) is a key exercise in understanding & mastering stress. Your Value System, also known as The Hierarchy of Values is key to knowing who you are, why you make your decisions, and how to understand & communicate with others. It is one of the most key components to understanding human behavior.

We experience perceptions of stress & pain when our values are being challenged, and pleasure when our values are being supported. Knowing what is your highest values are and in what order of priority they are is key to understanding and mastering your behavior and your perceptions.

For an easier experience in completing an exercise, I created a custom fill in sheet. Download here.

Download the official Demartini Value Determination Process by visiting Dr. Demartini’s website.