Consultations - How I work with clients

As a professionally trained specialist, facilitator & consultant on Human Behavior by the Demartini Institute, I love serving business owners, professionals, & entrepreneurs to breakthrough stressful challenges and manage the ever busier lifestyles we face today in balancing the 24/7 work of running a business & balancing our personal & professional lives.

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Sometimes those challenges can feel overwhelming & take a toll emotionally, physically, & spiritually. How do you keep every part of your busy life running smoothly, with less stress and feel fulfilled and focused on your daily priorities? How do you manage the constant juggling between the needs of others and your own personal needs?

Fear not, there are solutions to every challenge and I am trained in powerful & practical solutions to solving the daily challenges and managing a busy and fulfilled life. I utilize the Demartini Method® & The Values Factor® created by Human Behavior Specialist & Author, Dr. John Demartini to solve and overcome the daily challenges you may be facing in your personal and professional areas of your life.

I have personally utilized the training, knowledge and solutions to run my own business and personal life more effectively, efficiently, and with more FUN & Fulfillment!

I have worked with many clients locally, nationally, & internationally to overcome challenges, manage & prioritize their actions & behaviors to generate the most productivity & profits, and have more fulfillment in their personal & professional lives.

What do consultations look like? What’s involved?

  1. Initial consultation & assessment: I spend 30-60 minutes to get to know a client & assess their needs and itemize & prioritize the highest priority issues to be addressed & solved with the application of The Demartini Method® & Values Factor® solutions.
  2. We then map out a strategic & tactical plan of regular consultation & coaching sessions that fits a client’s schedule and budget.
  3. Individual consultation & coaching sessions range between 60 min - 120 minutes depending on the complexity of the issue to be addressed. The Demartini Method® and/or the Values Factor® solutions are applied here.
  4. The Frequency of consultations & coaching are customized based on the priority, time, & resources available.
  5. Consultations & coaching are billed hourly with discounted multi-hour programs, & retainer programs available based on the needs of clients.
  6. Consultations & coaching are done in-person, via Skype, or by phone.
Schedule your initial complimentary consultation & conversation today! I look forward to meeting & serving you.