I want to personally thank Jonathan for patiently and with excellence doing the work with every single employee of the company of figuring out values and then aligning the values with the company mission statement. We also apply your methods in employee conflict (issues) resolution – and as a results – we have not had any serious disputes or conflicts since we started doing that, only minor disagreements which are normal and necessary for progress. Implementation of this helped tremendously – as instead of wasting energy on issues – people are focused on overall success and excellence. So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart !

Mila Golovine
President, Masterword Services Inc.

Jonathan has a profound talent in quickly determining where to seek out hidden emotional blocks. In just 60min we were able to break through an entire back catalog of life events that were affecting my perceptions of the world and 24 hours after our first session, I noticed improved sleep and a huge improvement in my digestive function. This is life-changing work delivered by a gifted and professional individual.

David Hompes
Director at Health for the People Ltd

WOW! The The Demartini Method(R) and The Values Factor(R), a great way to truly know yourself and Jonathan Sugai has a way of asking direct questions that will help you to get clear on your values and narrow them down to the one that drives the rest. After going through The Demartini Value Determination Process(tm) and a session using The Demartini Method(R) with Jonathan, I can now see the patterns in my life that were trying to show me my true purpose. Jonathan has a very calm presence, firm guidance, and love for teaching. If you want the quantum leaps in growth and understanding of self, I would recommend you experience a session with Jonathan. Thank you Jonathan!

Petina Steele
Trained Demartini Method Facilitator

As an author and life coach, I consider myself a perpetual student of life. I recently had the privilege to work with Jonathan Sugai, a facilitator of The Demartini Method. There’s a huge difference between “knowing about” certain concepts and really “knowing” through experience. The duality of our masculine and feminine energies is a concept I teach, however I had never experienced the duality of all life quite like this. After several sessions with Jonathan, I realized that I had become “addicted to the light” – I had become so attached to all things I’d considered good and positive that I had “disowned” certain parts of myself I had perceived to be negative. More specifically, I came to deny my selfish, arrogant and materialistic behavior as I became more and more enlightened. For nearly 10 years, I had literally disowned my Uncle to the point of saying “he might as well be dead to me.” The thought of his egotistical attitude, greed and unhealthy pursuit of money made me sick. After working with Jonathan, I realized my Uncle represented many of my disowned parts- he was the manifestation of my selfish, arrogant and materialistic self. The DeMartini Method wasn’t easy and at times my resistance to the work was strong – I kept saying “But that’s not me!” However, through Jonathan’s care, tenacity and understanding, it wasn’t long before I realized “Wow… That IS me..” In just a few sessions, my Uncle went from 6 feet under to alive and kicking! I definitely have more work to do and am confident Jonathan can get me there. As a teacher of energy dualities, I “knew about” the concept that our environment is a reflection of ourselves. However, it wasn’t until I experienced The DeMartini Method with Jonathan that I now “know” that everything in our lives is truly another side of me! Thank you Jonathan!

Sonia Azizian

Jonathan is masterful in the art of the Demartini Method. He has a wealth of knowledge and in depth understanding of the fundamental principles supporting the Demartini Method. By using his wealth of knowledge combined with his highly developed intuition Jonathan can quickly and effectively uncover the underlying root cause of the presenting problem and therefore efficiently and effectively facilitate the client in transforming their problems into valuable gifts of life. I highly recommend working with Jonathan. His ability as a facilitator is a gift to everyone that has the opportunity to work with him.

Dr Marcia Becherel, MD, PhD
Human Potential Expert, Author, International Speaker