I had my very first experience of the Demartini method through Jonathan and there is very little in the way or the words to express what a monumental experience this was for me. Jonathan approaches each session with vulnerability, love, firm guidance, and a sincere desire to assist you to your own greatness. I felt so cared for and loved, without which I doubt I would have been able to achieve as big a breakthrough as I did. Jonathan is so well-grounded and knowledgeable in his craft. Even if I had never met him before, I would have gladly put my heart in his hands. Whatever you are seeking in life, Jonathan is the perfect person to guide you successfully to it.

Chelsea Abril

Jonathan Sugai has been an inspirational mentor and guide to me. The work I’ve done with him using the Demartini method has drastically transformed my life, in such ways I never imagined possible. I’ve been on a spiritual and personal growth journey for over a decade now, employing various tools and techniques for transformation, and having the opportunity to implement the Demartini method, being guided by a excellent practitioner of the method, has opened my eyes to by the most effective, efficient and phenomenal forms of achieving balance in my life in order to discover and pursue my true calling. Jonathan’s guidance and genuine care has touched me deeply and I am grateful for the opportunity to employ the Demartini method with him. For those who would love to discover true liberty and equilibrium in their life now, I highly recommend working with Jonathan.

Salina Storozuk
Director/Produceer of Satsang Films

For years I had always assumed that I would have had a better life if my stepfather had not shown up in my life to marry my mother and created all the challenges that we experienced where I perceived him to have taken from us money, health, & our lives. Thanks to my work with Jonathan using the Demartini Method, I realized that he challenged & shaped me into the independent, powerful, & resourceful man that I am today. Once my perceptions & emotions were balanced I can honestly say that I love him and my mom with an open heart & a balanced mind.

Kinsly Joseph